Initiatives & Collaborations

About the CIDD

  • UT San Antonio
  • UT Health San Antonio
    • Sam and Ann Barshop Institute for Longevity & Aging Studies
    • UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center
    • Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute
  • UT Austin Dell Medical School
  • UTMB Galveston
  • Texas Biomedical Research Institute
  • TAMU Baylor College of Dentistry
  • University of Houston

Industry Collaborators


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  • “Preparation of N-aryl-N’-heteroaryl-ureas and their use for inhibition of Olig2 activity”, Beaton, Graham; Tucci, Fabio C.; Ravula, Satheesh B.; Mchardy, Stanton F.; Ruiz, Francisco Xavier, III; Lopez, Ambrosio, Jr.; Campos, Bismarck; Wang, Hua-Yu Leo, 2016, WO 2016138479 A1 20160901.
  • “Novel Capsazepine Analogs for the Treatment of Cancer and Other Proliferative Diseases”, McHardy, S. F. and C. Gonzales. 2016, WO 2016033105.
  • “Preparation of oxime derivatives useful in the treatment of peripheral and central nervous system exposure to AChE inhibitors”, Stanton F. McHardy, Richard M. Corbett, Donald M. Maxwell, Michael W. Tidwell, Bismarck Campos and Christopher J. Bemben; 2013, US20130035351.